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New Toyo (Vietnam) Aluminum Paper Packaging Co., Ltd is a member of New Toyo International Holdings Ltd listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange.
• We work under license no. 113/KCN-HCM issued in 2001; our factory is in Lot 15, 17, 19 and 21 of Linh Trung II Industrial Zones, Binh Chieu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with factories operating on a total land area of 24.128m2 .
We are a professional manufacturer of laminating paper/board with Aluminum/ VMPET/Holographic/Tray/Barrier coated paper products with various features such as heat sealable and resistance to moisture, alcohol, oil, and oxygen permeability.
• We achieved the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and FSSC 22000 food safety system certifications.
• We are honored to be the main supplier for multinational corporations including BAT, Imperial Tobacco Global, Philip Morris, Oriental General Trading FZE, Perfetti Van Melle, as well as major Vietnamese companies such as Vinataba, Dofico, Khatoco, Saigon Industrial Corporation and many more.
• Following the trend of using clean, convenient, and recyclable packaging products that meet food safety standards, we diversify our product range based on core capabilities to create value-added products like paper trays with various materials, designs, and shapes. These products have garnered attention and support from reputable brands, for instance, Fassler, Snorre Food, Kinh Đô Mondelez, ABC, Givral, Brodard, Bread Talk, HaiHa – Kotobuki, Fresh Garden, Đức Thành, Vĩnh Thành, Thiên Ân, PHD, etc.

Our Mission

• We endeavor to build a corporation where all members have clearly defined tasks and goals to complete, which in turn creates added value for the customers, the company, and themselves.
• We will spare no effort to create a dynamic and creative organization where its members will be adept at synergizing past knowledge, techniques, and experience with modern technology to bring about stable as well as continuous growth.
• We aim to become an enterprise that adopts policies that care for employees’ physical and mental health, thereby providing customers with satisfactory product quality and services, ultimately gaining advantages in competition by realizing established commitments.

Our Vision

• The value of New Toyo (Vietnam) stems from its leadership as well as the solidarity between its management and executive levels. It is exactly this element that will pave the way towards a future of stable and sustainable development for our business.

Our Business Philosophy

• Integrity and diligence are the foundation for growth.
• Enthusiasm and thoughtfulness form strong bonds.
• Persistence in pursuing tasks and goals is a crucial factor in reaching success.

About Us

The Factory’s Time of Establishment (Over 22 Years in Manufacturing Aluminum Paper)

We have factories that utilize specially developed technology to produce various industrial applications. We are flexible and offer customized solutions to meet customer demands.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a means for us to measure the results of our ingenuity and effort. We are committed to upholding and improving upon the ISO 9001 quality management system and FSSC 22000 food safety system standards.

Safety Measures

Attend to the Safety, Life, Health, and Spirit of all personnel – work towards a balanced development of the BODY, SOUL, and MIND.

Training and Development

Carefully invest in workforce training, coaching, and mentoring in order to ensure exceptional performance from each post, thus contributing to the overall performance and sustainable development of the team.

Technology Proficiency

Make use of advanced information technology and tools by implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP), production management (OLE), and human resource management (HRM) systems to induce comprehensive improvement in labor efficiency.

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