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Mark of Period - an artistic performances music & traditional costumes of Vietnam, which is founded by designer Si Hoang. It is a place where audiences can listen to and watch the stories of folkloric culture, through the historical fashion show of Vietnamese costumes and traditional music.

Packed in a small theatre, the stage is merely spacious enough to include the traditional instruments, which are drums, and several types of lutes. The width of catwalk stage is no less than a metre, and distant the same length away from audiences. Everything is within reach. The father of Mark of Period show has this show created, together with his desires to introduce the Vietnamese culture to international friends.

In the very first encounter with the show, even the Vietnamese audiences were surprised constantly after their first sight of the speciality and originality of cultural instruments, such as stoned-lutes, which is the most ancient in Vietnamese history, as well as Human evolution. The singing styles in this show are rarely performed in TV show as well, not to mention the oldest to the most revolutionized in costumes from different ethnic groups around the country. When the show came to closing, an additional surprise of Hawkery Eating had blended the audiences into the rural living environment of the Saigonese, together with appellant sounds, which is near as well as far. With the touchable image of street hawkers, audiences are allowed to experience literally.

 Ms. Nhan Huc Quan, who is the General Manager of New Toyo Vietnam, has been cherishing the intention of sharing this valuable mentality to her beloved ones, right after audiencing “Mark Of Period” once. The show has been shared with VIP customers, beloved colleagues, as well as family members of New Toyo Vietnam's top leader

Usually, customer appreciations are carried in conferential form ( celebration and gifts ), or conference combines with travels. Gifting valuable mentality as New Toyo has done, was not anything new, however, to witness the exciting expression and eye sights; as well as the busy chats between audience after the show,  is a conduct that is worth to promote and broaden, especially suiting the B2B business, whose core customers are companies.

The purpose of gifting is to create the impression to customers and to build the relationship with them, which makes them remember us while making purchasing decision. One of the rewarding strategy that is advised by experts, is to consider  gifts that carry mentality, as emotional memory ( formed when our body receives emotional stimulations ) usually exists longer in human’s mind.

Value is another aspect that is considered by companies when selecting gifts. In this case, an artistic show that riches in cultural specialty, can hardly be denied by anyone for its brought-about mentally values to the beneficiary. The show is directed by professional and passionate camera crew ( director Luong Duyen; music composer Tran Manh Hung; professional actors and models; especially personally narrating by artist Si Hoang ) About physical values, it is difficult to describe as heavier or lighter than the usual goods that are used commonly, because the investment for art ( in the most authentic way ) has never been a light one yet.

There is a saying of “ Mentality gift distinct from physical gifts at when the more you giveaway, the more richness you gain”. Perhaps there is no company that would not hope to gain the richness in trust as well as loyalty from customers.

Phuong Thanh

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