I feel happy & proud to be part of New Toyo (Vietnam) in contributing my efforts and knowledge for developing the organization's overall value.
While pursuing stability, sustainable development and always acting in the best interests of the Company’s stakeholders, we pledge our commitment to listen, understand, maintain discipline, work towards mutual consensus and overall commitment in internal and external relationships, as we perform our tasks for the business and interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds in the course of our work.


1 /. To the investors

1.1. Contribute towards Organic Growth, Value Add and Business Sustainability.

1.2. Continuously scale the enterprise to new levels.

2/. To the higher authorities

2.1. Be Honest, Straightforward and Engaging.

2.2. Trustworthiness when empowered as a staff of the Company

3/. To the colleagues

3.1. Not to be bias and do not defame others.

3.2. Be clear in sharing information, acknowledge constructive criticism and make frank comments are forms of respect; to help and encourage each other.

3.3. Ready to share the challenges of the development as a determined staff. Do not tolerate negative behaviors that harm the collective interests.

3.4. Building the foundations of Trust in relationships with a spirit of solidarity and cooperation towards common goals.

4/. To subordinates

4.1. Listen, Guide, Encourage, Support, Share Experiences, Inspire and Influence.

4.2. Good Conduct, Be Sincere and Give Constructive Criticisms.

4.3. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses of staff and match them appropriately to tasks assigned

4.4. Be Self-disciplined, Responsible at all times

4.5. Be Fair in performance reviews and evaluations of promotions.

5/. To ourselves

5.1. Honest with ourselves, reach out for self-awareness and sense of personal responsibility.

5.2. Learn to be Humble, Diligent and Work Smart.

5.3. Establish an Action Plan to complete tasks.

5.4.Develop plans within the conditions specified or allowed.

5.5. Self-equipped with knowledge needed for personal and organization roles.

5.6. Foster Interest and Passion for developing a professional expertise.

5.7. Uphold high standards of Ethics and Personal conduct at all times.


1/. To the Government Authorities

1.1. Rule of law is the first criterion in the production-oriented business activities and sustainable development of the business at large.

1.2. Building a "Healthy & Beautiful" image of a FDI business in the heart of the public authorities and government.

2/. To the value customers

2.1. Constant improvements in areas of Quality in products and services.

2.2. Maintaining an Affable Service Attitude, while being considerate and thoughtful to customers’ needs and expectations.

3/. To the suppliers

3.1. Respect and commitment to comply with mutually agreed service and quality levels.

3.2. Tighten bilateral cooperation in the spirit of mutual benefit and manage the risks and benefits in the Supply Chain.

4/. To the community

To harmonize and develop the Business and Economic Progress with Social work.