Motivational factors 30/01/2018
In the role and position of a leader or business owner, we need to know what factors will affect a person's motivation. To identify those factors, you first need to understand what motivation is.
Handed over values 02/01/2018
There was a little lingering and proud when in the launching of her book "Kite flyer", businesswoman Le Thi Thanh Lam is now Deputy General  Director of Saigon Food - I was both a guest and spaker to share with and interact with the audience.
Giving away to be wealthier 29/12/2017
Mark of Period - an artistic performances music & traditional costumes of Vietnam, which is founded by designer Si Hoang
Make a voice for yourself and others 30/01/2018
Have you ever encountered questions like "Do you understand what I’m saying?" Or "I said, do you understand?" from the people who are talking to you?
When capacity is recognized 30/01/2018
To be recognized is the legitimate expectation of all people, no matter where they are in society. The share related to this below is only limited within the scope of work.
Productivity perspective 30/01/2018
According to Vietnam National Productivity Institute, Productivity is a measure of the effectiveness of activities that produce outputs (quantity, value added) from inputs (labor, capital, raw materials, energy, etc.), expressed by the formula:
Value of encouragement 30/01/2018
The story of the tons of tons killer whale in the Orlando-Florida SeaWorld (USA) by Dr. Ken Blanchard in Whale done! (The power of encouragement) is interesting.
Mind of being an employer 30/01/2018
Many people assume that being an employer means doing business, buying or selling, making something (with equity or borrowing). Being an employer means that you have to pay someone else's wages and take the "life and death" of those who depend on you. Being an employer is completely free, willing to do what you want...
To become more efficient in the flat world 30/01/2018
The Internet is a global information system that connects thousands of smaller computer networks of businesses, research institutes and universities, individual users and governments around the world.
Wage scale under the value of the work - effective management tools 29/01/2018
For small and very small businesses, wage payments are usually established only through oral or labor agreements between the employer and the employee.
Protecting the environment: whose should it be? 29/01/2018

According to the World Health Organization, in Vietnam, the proportion of men smoking is 50% and females account for nearly 4%. Although tobacco control has been widely propagated by the state, especially the advocacy of saying NO to smuggled cigarettes (as announced by the Institute of Economics and Technology of Vietnam’s Tobacco some smuggled cigarettes contain rat poison, Coumari, a type of toxin that causes liver toxicity and high cancer risk). However, it seems that smoking habit is not easy to give up. I do not want to talk about the individual's preferences and privacy, but just want to tell the story of how a trucker looks with the manager in person. Next, let people align themselves with their perception of the process of innovation.

Create a tidy habits: immediate and long lasting benefits 29/01/2018
Tidiness is a habit that needs to be taught and formed at an early age. It starts with the neatness of arranging books and pens in a pair of early adopters, followed by a school and student desk with titles in different genres for research, reference or citation.