Delivery policy and receipt

1. Delivery conditions:

- Domestic:

Deliver at warebrobe of New Toyo (Vietnam) Company or

Deliver at designated warebrobe of customer.

- Export:

According to Incoterm 2010

2. Delivery receipt

- Domestic:

VAT invoice

Delivery note

The product composition analysis - COA (if required) for each shipment

- Export


Packing List

Bill of Lading

Marine Insurance


C/O Form D (within Asean) or C/O Form B for each shipment

3. Warranty conditions:

- The product must be stored in a well-ventilated storage condition, with a temperature of 25oC to 30oC, and no near flammable chemicals, chemicals or other strange smell goods.

- Prior to use, the goods must be in a condition of preservation (wrapping paper and PE film for moisture protection), not damaged due to movement and collision during storage and movement of raw materials at the buyer's warehouse

- Warranty period: within 06 months from the date of production (in case of complaints, please keep the goods stamp).

- The seller is solely responsible for the warranty arising from errors in product specifications not in accordance with the standard and quality agreed in the contract. The seller is exempt from all liability in the event of failure of the buyer in the use and storage in contravention of the instructions provided by the seller.