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Aplication of Aluminium paper/MPET products
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Laminated Aluminium Foil Paper in wide range of colors, subst ances and sizes, which are used in high quality packaging for cigarettes, food, pharmaceutical, liquor, tea and cosmetic products.

Aplication of Paper core products
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Paper Cores, Paper Cones with a variety of colors and sizes, which are widely used in the textile industry, specially for yarn-polyester, nylon and P.P and other related products. .

Besides, we are also manufacturing the value added products such as:

* Aluminium paper with PE/Wax coating:* used for packaging of candy, chewing, tea, coffee, seasoning powder, medicine powder, instant noodle, potato chips and snacks, etc... (packaging paper)

* Aluminium paper/MPET tray: used to make tray for packaging of either fresh or premilinary treatmen of salmon, smoked meat, seafoods, meats... (mpet board, foil board)

* Cream cake tray: with a variety of shapes and wide range of size, these solic structures are suitable for all kinds of cakes, cream cakes, hamburger, pizza, etc...

* Disposable paper plate/ cup / bowl: with beautiful designs, easy to use, cleanliness and safety for food contact, these products are suitable for using in birthday party, picnic, buffet, etc...


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